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Kermode Spirit Bear During the past year it has cost us a lot of money and time to bring you a Live Stream Kermode Spirit Bear Cam in his winter hibernation den. We are asking you for donations to support our work and the continuing documentation of the Kermode Spirit Bear.

We could use a camera, because we had to borrow the one you’re seeing through. We also had to borrow the camera housing. We are held together literally with a shoestring. Everybody knows that you have to eventually return a book or a tool borrowed. So, if you want to continue to see the bear, help us buy a camera or housing etc. No kidding, even the computer to feed the feed to you is borrowed.

So, we thought we would interest you in a game to support you in supporting us. Win win. Guess when Apollo leaves his winter den and every donation of Ten Dollars or more will be entered into a contest

Even though Puxatawney Phil says winter is not over, the birds and the weather here say that’s just not so. Usually Apollo leaves his lair around the first week in April. But with winter ending early, so it’s anybody’s guess. Take your guess folks. The closest time wins!

As a way of thanking you for playing the Kermode Game and supporting BCspiritbear.com, we will offer the winner a Limited Edition print of a Spirit Bear Cub by renowned Haida artist Joe Mandur. A $250.00 piece of Spirit Bear Art!

Donate Here and please enter your guess right on the paypal order form.

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  1. I think Apollo will leave his den on March 25.

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