My Wife is the Bear Chaser


My Wife is the Bear Chaser


Bear stories, Kermode stories, all have big white teeth and gleaming sharp claws, that will chase you all the way home. Just like little red riding hood. Or so that’s how I started here.

The first time I found myself at odds with my wife was when we first moved to our Rosswood property and were going out for and evening walk. There, thirty feet in front of us was a humungous black bear. Wandering across the gravelled driveway for more berries on the other side. Looking so carefree and so stressless I wanted to take lessons. However…

My first impulse was to turn and high-tail it as fast as I could back to the house. At the same time that I was starting to go backwards, I noticed that my wife Stephanie, was picking up speed going towards the big bear!

Well, this caused my some disconsernation as I was moved to “have to” run after her. Being grateful that I could catch up so my hand could grab her belt, and cause this charge into the feared jaws of the unknown to a halt.

She slapped my hand, saying that she was just looking for a good photo.

I was then told that I was just being a ninny. She quoted a local man; “They don’t wake up in the morning looking for a fight.”

I began a slow ease into my life, settling here in Rosswood, BC. If I go thirty miles to the ocean, “Even I can see Alaska.”

Now, even I run for the camera when a bear, black or white, shows up.




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  1. Much Much Love.
    It would be nice to find some time/ way to talk.
    Are you on Skype.
    I have the equip but haven’t hooked up yet.
    Life is very busy and quite good.
    Just returned from needed vacation.

  2. Your wife sounds very cool!! :)

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