Kermode Pee Still Steamin’




Kermode Pee Still Steamin’

One sweet summer afternoon, my wife and I were going for our daily walk. Passing by our creek was without event until we returned an hour later, where we almost stepped in some fresh bear scat! Not only that, there was this staming hot urine beaded up on the dry sandy driveway next to it.

Well there we were, busily clapping ourselves on the back at what good trackers we were. When I realized that the urine hadn’t sunk in yet. Then it sunk in so to speak. Sunk in to me. Setting of an alarm inside, I jolted and looked up just in time to see Apollo’s (a favorite local Kermode Bear) big butt twenty feet in front of us. Obviously oblivious to us.

You can come right on up to a bear and they won’t hear you because the wind blowing through the trees is making white noise. It dampens your foot fall completely.

I pointed Steph to her camera and whispered in her ear, get ready. When she was ready, she nodded and I clicked my tongue a couple times. Apollo immediately turned around and gave us the greatest head shot ever.
Just before disappearing like a ghost into the thicket of the forest an instant later.


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  1. What a wonderful experience. What a glorious place to live!

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