Bear Blocks My Home



Blocked From my own Home by a Bear

In The Great Bear Rainforest, our home sits at the end of an eight hundred foot driveway, surrounded by a swamp bayou,
birch and cedar forests.

While starting my summer evening walk, I encountered nothing but
bird size mosquitoes and forehead biting no-see-ums.
I learned how to keep the insect vermin away, from the donkeys; carry a stiff branch as a bug fan…beats wearing nasty chemicals.

After a good walk-about, I headed home, walking half way down my drive, when the hugest Black Bear I’ve ever seen, walked out thirty feet in front of me, right between me and my own home! He was so big he literally spanned the entire driveway. I stopped, so stunned I forgot I had a camera in a pocket, not quite sure if I was seeing what I was seeing. He was a gorgeous, huge, full grown Black Boar! He stopped in his tracks too. We were both a little startled at running into each other.

He wasn’t in any hurry to make any moves, just kept looking at me, then looked into the forest, then back at me, over and over, as if he was confused about what he was seeing and not sure what to do with me. Keep in mind, I’m about 1/5 of his size. He could chase me down faster than I could run, way faster!

He didn’t run off so I decided it was time to run him off. I started yelling at the top of lungs (I can belt pretty loudly) for my husband to come out and take notice of my predicament. I yelled and yelled…no heroic husband, and no running away bear. I yelled louder, screaming by now. Still just me and that unbelievably big bear!

Dang! I’m on my own here. And that indecisive bear isn’t going anywhere! He just kept looking unpredictable,
as only a big black bear can.

Just as I was thinking about turning around and high-tailing it to a distant neighbor, he decided to head into the forest, leaving me a free to walk to my own house. Actually, I ran as fast as I could, past the very spot he was just standing on.

When I told my husband I just encountered the biggest bear ever on our own drive, he just looked at me and said “What bear?”


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  1. What did they shoot him for?!?

  2. No shooting! Not sure where you read that, but no bear has ever been shot in any of our stories. If we ever use the word, it’s always in reference to photography.
    Remember, never feed a bear!

  3. Wonderful story! Thank you so much.


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