RARE opportunity!
Spirit Bear Gardens For Sale
in gorgeous Kitsumkalum Valley on the Nisga’a Highway, Northwestern BC.

Hobby Farm For Sale

House with new outbuilding, now complete with upper level storage

Sun setting on gardens and house.

Spirit Bear Gardens

-Beautiful New 2 bedroom house, plus full basement and laundry room, 
plus 2 large roomed outbuilding, on 10 acres with 
20 large Organic Raised Garden Beds
-200 amp underground wiring
-TV and Internet Satellite Dishes

-2 room detached outbuilding fully electrified, insulated, secure and almost hidden. 
Door at each end and a dividing in the middle of rooms., shelves and porch. Electric heat. Vented.  A new 3X3 screened window installed. New vapor barrier but wallboard choices are up to the buyer, all ready for installing walls.
Two phone lines incoming also.

Detached Two Bedroom Building 12 X 36

Excellent quality window with screen from inside, ready for your choice of wallboard.

North bedroom, ready for your choice of wallboard

Entrance to south bedroom in deatched outbuilding, soon will have door.














New Closet framed in North bedroom, detached outbuilding, ready for wallboard

Electrics, all to code













Brand new huge outbuilding for parking (RVs will fit), firewood, tools and working, tin roof. Fully stocked with dry firewood including cedar. Electrified and painted.
House comes with at least 3 cord of dry firewood and another cord of cedar. Firewood is
all birch, cedar and pine, the best!

Firewood, birch, cedar and pine, comes with the house, at least 3 cord!

Firewood, 3 cord of dry, chopped pine.










10 acres with running creek, varied evergreen and birch forests, enough firewood for your great grandchildren.
House location is 800’ off of main road, which is a dead end road, very little traffic.
Our 800’ graveled driveway is a constant source of entertainment as wildlife uses it often. Driveway makes a small turn so house and all activities near house are not seen from the road. Super secure!

Immediate neighbors not in resident, super quiet!

Over 20 cedar and rock raised beds of hand built organic soil, currently supports income producing seed business, mostly poppies. 
(If you’re interested, I am also selling http://poppyemporium.com)
Small greenhouse, with room for larger greenhouse.
Beautifully landscaped with over 16000’ of lawn. 
Visitors say it looks like a park.

Crystal pyramid overlooks large organic garden.

Raised Slate Rock Garden Bed, 40' long, contains many flower bulbs.

Garden Beds in spring











Suiseki Stones Balanced as Sculpture

All created and maintained by professional organic gardener.

Abundant Greenhouse, spring

Many sculptors on the house and in the garden, crystal pyramids, magical solar lighting
create stunning nightscapes.

Private Driveway

Crystal Pyramid and Raised Garden Beds

House with gardens


Very secure Chicken coup and pen, will double as greenhouse if no livestock.

Lawn and Garden


Two of four covered, raised garden beds, 4' X 16', all rich, organic, fertilized soil

Spirit Bear Gardens Autumn











House has 10’ ceilings, beautiful large Schwartz chandelier, kitchen appliances included, most brand new, lots of light (carport is covered with see thru UV protected pal-ruff so light inside is not cut off).

End of livingroom, 10' ceiling, lots of light, 16 X 24

Livingroom inside wall

Woodstove, very toasty!


Living room double window, (one of three), 3 X 4













Bathroom has therapeudic, large 6’ soaker Spa tub, 
with tap in the middle so two people can soak,
owners have also custom installed a “Bali Bidet” hose next to toilet.
They say that once you’ve had a Bali Bidet, you’ll never live without one again.
Bathroom doubles as steam room since walls are made with Cement Board or Hardi-board, which guarantees to never, ever mold.
After a long day in the garden, the Spa experience is rejuvenating, a real savior!

Spa Soaker Bathtub, fits two!

Rainshower, we have an abundance of water here in the Northwest.

Soaker tub 6'











-Living room has three windows, 2@ 3X4 and 1@ 2X3. Well lit and warmed by
Vagabond wood stove that works excellent, we lived in t-shirts and tank tops all winter.

-House has a tin roof, snow slides off well all winter.

Main bedroom has gigantic walk-in closet with huge storage above, holds 20 Apple Boxes for storage, all out of the way. Closet has over 20 shelves, with 2 long shelves above hanging area. Enough room for a couple plus storage!

Bedroom 12 X 16

Closet, 12' wide walkin

Closet, walk in, upper storage shelf holds 20 Apple Boxes, dry, spacious









Closet, walk in, with over 25 shelves, lots of rooms for shoes and relatives!

Walk in closet, room to let!

The walkin closet is so big, it has it's own armour!













Second bedroom was used as craft room by owner so is wonderfully full of shelves! Handy laptop or crafters counter 8′ long. Lots of light.
Hand made small bed will be left with the house. New closet, carpeted.

Has two phone lines incoming to this room, makes a great den also.

-Insulated, walled in basement 14 X 24, 2 rooms, cinder block walls, cedar floor, W/D.
-High-tech Oxygen injected water treatment system, brand new, eliminates
excess iron, makes the best drinking water.
-30 gallon electric hot water tank, never runs out of hot water.
-Water pressure tanks and sump pump included.
-Washer/Dryer new.
-Lots of storage and working room in two roomed basement.
-Full wired and insulated, separate entrance from house.
-Basement is fully vented with a screened window.
House also has 4 separate clothes lines for those who like ozonated laundry
House has 2 phone lines incoming, two satellite dishes and hook ups.
200 amp wiring is all underground, running along 800’ driveway.

Plumbing and wiring all to code. Plumbing includes copper manifold so you
can flush the toilet while someone is showering.
Licensed Sewer System and bed has a state of the art septic tank and field, all fully inspected,

2 wells on property;

One; New deep well, 135’ steel casings, all inspected and approved. Deep well often naturally artesians in the summer. Excellent underground stream water, pollution free.
Two; surface well, about 20’ deep, waters huge organic garden all summer. Pump included.
Plumbing from deep well is all buried 6’ deep and does not freeze in winter.
This winter, 2012, all of our neighbors had frozen pipes in the last arctic outflow,
but ours were fine, all pipes and drains worked great.
New, deep well pump included.

-Being of a more organic, earthy nature, we are super aware of mold issues in the Northwest and have built accordingly. On the north end of the house, we  have a reinforced, 4’ overhang, all guttered for good rain runoff.
The bathroom is mold proof and we’ve installed a humidistat bathroom fan, 
plus the 2X3 window opens to allow for excellent ventilation.
None of the gyprock throughout the house has a speck of mold on it.
None of the framing in the two roomed outbuilding has mold.
None of the garden beds will mold as they are made of cedar.

Valuable items that come with Spirit Bear Gardens:

-7500 Watt Generator (almost new, hardly used, electrifies entire house)

Gas generator, 7500 Watts, enough to power entire house, hardly used, works great.










-Electric Log Splitter (almost new, works great!)

-Brand new Briggs and Stratton gas Snow Thrower, 36″ wide, self propelling, heated handles, lights, works great

-Two gas chainsaws, both work well, plus a small electric chainsaw.

-Wheel barrel

-Newer Lawnmower, works well.

-Bush whacker

-Weed whacker

-EVERYTHING needed for indoor and outdoor garden, email for more details.

-Huge Red Wriggler Worm bin, with many loads of worm castings ready for use.

-Outhouse, well made, very pretty.

-Bird feeders

-Crystal sculptors

-Shitake logs imbedded with Shitake spawn, very productive every spring/summer.

Shitaki growing on alder logs, will grow for years to come.









-Extremely rare Chaga Fungi grows on our birch trees.

-Hundreds of pots for container gardening.

-Very productive organic berry bushes; Black currents, raspberries (some are a thornless variety), strawberries, blueberries and a huge abundance of wild berries on the property.

Black Currents









-Suiseki Stone and Zen Garden Stone collection.

-Great Views!

One of our many great views.









-Exotic varieties of Perennial Poppies.

Price: $175,000.00

Email: stephanierolfe@yahoo.com

Phone: 250-615-0003


Queen Alexandra Poppy





Optional: I would like to sell http://poppyemporium.com, if you’re interested in income producing poppy seeds, please contact us,
will give excellent price for stock and domain to whoever buys the house.