Hockeyville Reveals Kermode Bear Chasers


Kermode Bear chasers from Bob Babinski on Vimeo.

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  1. Amazing…beautiful…sacred…

  2. Probably because we live 3 days apart, lol. One day, I hope to be on the Island this summer (-:

  3. How special – have been in your area but never get these great pics.

  4. great!

    Its great to be close to nature.

  6. What a beauty! Many, many years ago I saw a Nat Geo program on the Spirit Bear, on an unspoiled island with many other bears. We spent a glorious hour falling in love with the bears, especially the Spirit Bear … at the end, as Nat Geo is wont to do, they showed loggers crashing around, and said that with the loss of this special habitat the bears would disappear. I burst into tears and basically decided not to watch any more Nat Geo specials because they have gotten me before with that kind of thing. That was about 20 years ago.

    Then just last year I saw a DVD called Spirit Bear, rented it, watched it & promptly bought it. So fantastic, I am sure you all know the story,about Simon Jackson being saved by a rare Kermode Spirit Bear after being attacked, and ultimately being named one of Time Magazines “Heroes of the Year” for successfully taking on all the powers that be and capturing everyone’s hearts to protect the habitat of this special bear. Yeah, I burst into tears again.

    Times have changed, we have Hancock Wildlife bringing the wonders of a webcam to the world, now there are so many webcams, and not only can I now watch a living Kermode Spirit Bear on a webcam, but there are organizations like care2 and GreaterGood Network / The Animal Rescue Site, where I have been signing petitions for several years and watching changes happen for the benefit of our beautiful natural world and all its inhabitants. I no longer feel helpless in the face of injustice but am empowered to effect change. God is Good!

    Love and blessings,

  7. Thanks Roanna. Keep being such a great wildlife advocate!

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