Spirit Bear Videos


Spirit Bear Videos

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BCspiritbear.com features White Kermode Spirit Bear Videos

The following Spirit Bear videos are for your entertainment and education,
enjoy these rare videos, most are from our private collection,
some are First Nation’s and also environmentalist’s videos.


Legends from the Great Bear Rainforest

“A film documenting the rare white Spirit Bear of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest. The Kitasoo Xai’xais First Nation in partnership with environmental groups and the BC Government created the world’s only Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy”;


Hockeyville Reveals Kermode Bear Chasers

Hockeyville Reveals Kermode Bear Chasers

Spirit Bear Grooming

Spirit Bear Grooming

Spirit Bear Engorges on Wild Elderberries

Spirit Bear Engorges on Wild Elderberries

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Comments (22)
  1. Absolutely fabulous! Love the live web cam too!

  2. This is very intresting and neat!!

  3. I have lived in Terrace for 48 years and have only seen 1 Kermode bear . it was on the road to Rosswood. What a thrill, it was old Gimpy and he just stayed on the side of the road eating grass and I had left my camera at home.

  4. very interesting vidio cam

  5. love watching the action at hibernation great

  6. Lets keep these beautiful creatures safe.

  7. very interesting and unique sharing…I want to see a near before I die in nature…

  8. I would like to share another bear site that I have been following The North American Bear Centre (www.bear.org) site from Ely, Minnesota. Dr. Lynn Rogers a biologist has managed to place a web cam in the den of a wild female Black Bear named Lily who in January gave birth to a singlet cub, now named Hope. It is not only awe inspiring, but extremely educational. Dr. Rogers daily writings have changed my perspective on bears and how we should strive to co-exist with them. I would also like to share this site about Spirit Bears with him. I hope you enjoy the NABC site as much as I have learning about the Spirit Bear.

    LINDA (ME) + SB (SPIRIT BEARS) = <3 (LOVE)!!!!

  10. Awesome Linda! Love your enthusiasm. I’ll be posting todays clips on the website, today he reached out and pulled some new material into his den to make himself a new pillow! I guess he was getting a sore head on the bare ground, ha. It’s such a blessing to be able to see this special Spirit Bear hibernating, who knew they were so active!

  11. I Love white bears there so cute and fluffy !ha

  12. Howdyyy i want to be a person who studies bears theyyy ROCK !

  13. i think bear’s are sweet
    here’s my poem;
    sometimes i cry
    sometimes i eat pie

  14. Thank you for your website and information on the kermode spirit bear. I’ve learned so much already. I love watching Apollo when he is around, he is so cute and cuddly, just makes me want to snuggle up and kiss him! <3

  15. Yes, he looks cute, but please be assured there is nothing cuddly about a wild bear. Promise me you understand that?

  16. i want to create an “Apollo Rulz” website, however, all free website makers have a tag to advertise their site. any suggestions on how to make a free site without a tag?

  17. I have noticed that under the “BOOKS” tab, there is no mention of my classes fav. book… “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikkaelson. This book is great for 10 to 100 year- olds, as this story can change anyones life, but does have more mature concepts of life in it. I reccomend that anyone reading this, check the book out of the library immediately! This fiction story seems so real, i was ready to do a google search on the main character! Thats all!

  18. Everyone! check out http://www.apollorulz.webs.com! created my yours truly (moi)! tell your friends! ill have all the latest on apollo and kermodes! including quotes from favorite spiritbear books!

  19. Thanks for setting this up Caleb, but most of those photos are not Apollo, plus you need permission to use them, I’ll email you and we’ll talk.

  20. I am SOOOOOO sorry! i just managed to get on now! i apologize! i did not mean to offend you. from now on, i will always ask permission for picture usage. Ill change the site now.

  21. Does anyone know how i get on to my website as the owner? i cant seem to log on to make changes… if anyone has feedback, id love some. ill change the site as soon as i can.

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