Miga Olympic Mascot


Miga, Kermode Sea Bear Mascot of the
Olympic Games 2010

What does a cool, snowboarding Seabear mascot have to do with BC’s Great Bear Rainforest ? Miga’s family tree- with Orca whales on one side and BC’s rare Kermode Spirit Bear on the other- links back to the Great Bear Rainforest, the only region in the world where the white sub-species of the black bear is found.

The snowboarding Seabear was inspired by the mythology of the coastal Kitasoo/Xai’xais, whose traditional territory includes the Great Bear Rainforest along the remote central coast of British Columbia.

According to First Nations’ myth, the seabears were orca whales that transformed into Spirit Bears when they arrived on land. First Nations’  Tsimsian Legends also explain that the Spirit Bears were turned white by Raven to remind people of the Ice Age.



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  1. Unfortunately in the US coverage of the Olympics they did special coverage on the Polar bear assuming that that was the white bear the olympic mascot was referring to.

  2. Good grief, do know which network did that Erin? We’d like to contact to them to do a correction, thanks for letting us know.

  3. miga is so cool

  4. Can you put a pic of Miga on the site?

  5. I love miga

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