Spirit Bear Hibernating


Spirit Bear Hibernating Cam -First Ever!

Meet Apollo, the Hibernating Spirit Bear!

We discovered Apollo, a full grown White Kermode Spirit Bear boar, on our property by accident (that’s a whole other story!), in the winter of 2009. We were stunned! He was close enough for us to install a Live Stream Cam outside of his winter den, during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Because the rare Kermode Bear became the mascot for the games (Miga),
Apollo’s Ustream Channel was a huge success!

2010 Olympic Mascot

Students around the world got to know Apollo
and learn all about White Kermode Spirit Bears;


Connecticut Students

Here’s just a  few Apollo, Hibernating Spirit Bear Videos
…many more to come!
Enjoy and check back for added Apollo videos;

White Kermode Spirit Bear With Lots Of Face Cleaning;

White Kermode Spirit Bear AGS In Spring
(Auto Genital Stimulation to Wake Up);


Apollo, Spirit Bear Leaves Hibernating Den For First Time in Spring;



White Kermode Spirit Bear Stretches With Claws and Fangs;

Apollo, White Kermode Spirit Bear
Den Cleaning And A Good Shake;




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