Spirit Bear Hibernating


Spirit Bear Hibernating Cam -First Ever!

Meet Apollo, the Hibernating Spirit Bear!

We discovered Apollo, a full grown White Kermode Spirit Bear boar, on our property by accident (that’s a whole other story!), in the winter of 2009. We were stunned! He was close enough for us to install a Live Stream Cam outside of his winter den, during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Because the rare Kermode Bear became the mascot for the games (Miga),
Apollo’s Ustream Channel was a huge success!

2010 Olympic Mascot

Students around the world got to know Apollo
and learn all about White Kermode Spirit Bears;


Connecticut Students

Here’s just a  few Apollo, Hibernating Spirit Bear Videos
…many more to come!
Enjoy and check back for added Apollo videos;

White Kermode Spirit Bear With Lots Of Face Cleaning;

White Kermode Spirit Bear AGS In Spring
(Auto Genital Stimulation to Wake Up);


Apollo, Spirit Bear Leaves Hibernating Den For First Time in Spring;



White Kermode Spirit Bear Stretches With Claws and Fangs;

Apollo, White Kermode Spirit Bear
Den Cleaning And A Good Shake;




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  1. Simply amazing a uniquely Canadian Bear

  2. Sweet Dreams EH!!!!!!!!! xo

  3. de gedin la

  4. great idea. watch but dont touch

  5. very good. thanks…

  6. What’s with the green foliage in the upper left corner? Is it not winter?

  7. ı saw that vıdeo…really so ınterestıng …

  8. Warmest Feb we’ve ever had!

  9. My son sent this to me from Vancouver….I watch the bald eagles and now this gorgeous bear…yipee!

  10. hani ortada ayı mayı yok, canlı dediniz bizde yuttuk yani.

  11. hani nerde ya?? !! sanırım bunu göremeyenler sadece türkiyede yaşayanlarr!!!

  12. Yes it is supposed to be winter but extremely warm spring like weather lately!!

  13. thanks so much for posting this. he’s so beautiful

  14. Watching this in Yorkshire,England. When should he/she begin to wake up?

  15. Late March, early April. :-)

  16. I am so excited to share this site with my 7th grade students. We have just completed a novel called, Touching Spirit Bear by author Ben Mikaelsen. Today we watched Apollo pick up his sleepy head! Thank you for this wonderful video.

  17. Excellent! You and your students are our greatest motivation in setting up this live ca,. If you’d like to share a 15 min clip of Apollo bathing himself, go to http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5144617

  18. We have enjoyed this experience so much. We can’t thank you enough for giving us the unbelievable opportunity to see a real live spirit bear. Apollo is absolutely magnificent and we feel privileged to have had the chance to see him. We will stay tuned to see what may be coming next! Thank you again from the seventh graders at RHAM Middle School in Hebron, Connecticut!

  19. sweet dreams little bear

  20. My teacher, Mrs. D, has us crazy about Apollo. She is fanatic about him ever since we read Touching Spirit Bear. We are all so excited about it. We can’t wait to see more. The sad thing is, since I am in the first period class, we never get to see him live. Thanks so much!

  21. Well, you can check out the Apollo videos on the home page, they’re interesting too. Thanks for being such a great fan!

  22. My teacher, Mrs. D is really crazy for Apollo, as Savanna says. Thanks to her, i cant stop watching Apollo! I try to check on the live webcam around 6 oclock eastern time, but there is never anything live when i log on. Any suggestions?

  23. Thanks for being Apollo’s friend. All you can do is watch the archive videos I put on the site, working on more!

  24. Thank you so much for those wonderful months with Apollo. I miss him so much and I’m looking forward to the new May cam. See you, Stephanie…

  25. Thanks Sylvia, for being Apollo’s number one fan!

  26. Hello, I am one of Mrs. Donato’s students and i enjoy watching Apollo. He is absolutely fasintating and beautiful we are very luckly we get to watch such a majestic animal!!! Please e-mail my class, i LOVE to hear new news about Apollo!!!!!!! :) ~Thanks~

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  29. “Spirit Bear Hibernating” was extremely enjoyable and beneficial!
    In the present day universe that’s tough to manage. Regards, Mallory

  30. love ya!!!!!!!!!!! yo babes r soooo cuteee…………………

  31. love ya!!!!!!!!!!! yo babes r soooo cuteee………………… omg,make more

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