Apr 092014

Spirit Bear Essays from Mrs. Donato’s
Grade 7 Reading Class


Connecticut Students

Students around the world studied Apollo, the Hibernating Spirit Bear, from their classrooms that provided our Ustream Live Stream of Apollo. We now have a page dedicated to their stories and inspirations; http://bcspiritbear.com/stories/apollo_essays/

Here’s a few excerpts:

“-The Spirit Bear is an amazing creature. Through reading the book, Touching Spirit Bear, and watching these postings on Apollo’s website, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world”. BECKY

“-There is a very special bear that most people don’t know about. It is called the Kermode, and it needs our help! This beautiful animal lives in British Columbia and is in danger of extinction. Hunters shoot bears as if they are nothing, but these white bears are a rare type of black bear.” MADDY

“The bears are a white/cream color with a yellowish tint to their fur. This tint is due to their diet, as 95% of it consists of salmon. The other 5% of their diet is comprised of fruits, nuts, and insects. When the bear is born, it weighs about a half a pound, but it reaches approximately 300 pounds at maturity. Mothers of these cubs are very protective as they teach them the necessary survival skills. The Kermode bear is very loving and wouldn’t attack a person unless they felt threatened”. GABY


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