NO Enbridge Pipeline


NO Enbridge Pipeline!

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Say NO! to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline planned to go from the Tar Sands, Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia.

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline cannot guarantee there will be no oil spills on our precious Great Bear Rainforest Coast.

Please watch “Spoil” for full coverage on this important issue;
“Spoil” is a lovely film and a perfect way to encourage us all to help protect and nurture nature and not destroy it for the sake of dirty oil. We need to stop buying dirty oil and move faster into clean renewable electricity.

We all have the choice to support and promote clean renewable sources of energy and wean ourselves off of our addiction to burning fossil fuels.
• Switch your energy supplier to a company that is making concerted efforts in clean, renewable electricity.
• Next time you buy a vehicle, insist on purchasing an electric vehicle.
• Make it known to your politicians that the Tar sands must stop.
• Get involved with a group that is helping to stop the oil sands and its infrastructure. EG……

SPOIL – Wins Top Environmental Award at Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.


Help us ensure the Great Bear Rainforest
remains oil tanker free.


“Spirit Bear Guide Marven Robinson Gets Personal About Enbridge”:

Marven Robinson speaks to Damien Gillis in Prince Rupert the day after the big rally he helped organize against Enbridge on Feb. 4, 2012. A spirit bear guide from the Gitga’at Nation of Hartley Bay in BC’s Great Bear Rainforest, Robinson opens up about a range of topics – from the navigational risks of the proposal to the toll dealing with Enbridge has taken on his family and community. The Gitga’at will have their opportunity to address the Joint Review Panel on Enbridge’s proposal at hearings in Hartley Bay on March 2-3. (7 min)


“Gateway: The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline”:
“In northern Alberta, a boreal forest the size of Florida covers some of the most controversial sand in the world. This sand is saturated with oil, enough to make Canada the world’s second largest petroleum producer after Saudi Arabia. To get this oil to hungry markets in Asia, Enbridge Inc. proposes a dual pipeline route to ship 525,000 barrels of toxic diluted bitumen over two major mountain ranges, across nearly 800 fish bearing streams, including two of the greatest salmon-producing rivers in the world, to Kitimat, on British Columbia’s coast. From there, Very Large Crude Carriers would ship the oil to Asia through the Great Bear Rain forest, prolonging the world’s reliance on a highly unsustainable fuel source.Gateway is a story told through the eyes of impassioned Canadians who refuse to sacrifice the waters that sustain them for the sake of short term economic gain. The issue has forced a national debate around two very different philosophies on resource management, and reminded the pro-tar sands government that the national interest and the public interest are not necessarily one and the same. As the world comes to grips with the realities of peak oil and climate change, many Canadians are wondering not only if the benefits of Northern Gateway and other tar sands projects justify the risks, but if they have the right to say no to them at all.


“BC’s Huge Gamble – short film – Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline”

“Enbridge Inc, with their horrible spill record, wants to build a pipeline thru the heart of BC
and run tankers up and down our rocky coasts”;


“Pipeline Through Paradise – Not Even Close”

Pacific Wild Conservation Director Ian McAllister’s analysis of the National Energy Board’s decision to
green light the Northern Gateway pipeline project and oil tankers on the B.C. coast”;

Help us ensure the Great Bear Rainforest
remains oil tanker free.

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