Apr 252014

Kermodei Bear Visits My Mom


Sylvia Johnson – My Mom

Dear Stephanie:
Do you remember the evening Apollo came to visit me? (We lived in the same village with one house in between).

I heard an odd noise outside, so went to have a look. I saw a HUGE WHITE BEAR in my rasp- berry patch.
It looked like a polar bear, but I knew it was ‘your’ Apollo.
You asked me, “Did you get a photo?” I replied, “No, it was too dark.”

There were no berries but Apollo was wiping out leaves like crazy. I rushed inside to get the blaster. One big blast and that monster bear lept into the air — escaping into the back woods. You can have your Kermodei bear, Steph. Thanks. I had enough black bears when we lived in a log cabin, 50 miles from Dawson City, in the Yukon.

Much love, Mom. xoxo

Thanks Mom!


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