Apr 152014

On April 22nd, a group of ranchers, farmers and tribal

communities from along the Keystone XL tar sands

pipeline route, called the Cowboy Indian Alliance, will

ride into Washington DC and set up camp near the White

House to tell President Obama to reject the pipeline.



“On April 26th, thousands of people will meet in Washington DC to stand with pipeline fighters from the front lines to send a final, unmistakable message to President Obama that it’s time to Reject Keystone XL and Protect our Land Water and Climate.

On April 26th at 11 AM, we will meet at the encampment on the National Mall, and march together to present a hand-painted tipi to President Obama. This tipi will represent our hope that he will reject the pipeline, and our promise that we will protect our land and water if he chooses to let the pipeline move forward.”

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