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  1. I heard of your website on CTV. this afternoon. I am asking if you can please include SBYC’s website as a link. Perhaps you could also include my prints for sale (website as above). ALL my profits from my large prints are donated directly to the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition c/o Simon Jackson.
    Thank you soooooo much,
    Judi Wild

  2. I’ve just discovered your site and I see that you have us listed in the column that says “Spirit Bear Links”. However, I clicked on the hot link provided for Hancock Wildlife Foundation and was taken instead to the site for David Hancock has asked me to investigate this as I am his assistant. Thanks.

    Karen Bills
    Project Co-ordinator
    Hancock Wildlife Foundation

  3. Please use this link to our article on the Rainbow bear.

  4. Oh dear, OK, will fix that right away, please apologize to John from me and tell him if he’s ever in the Terrace area, I’d love to meet him. Tess Tessier (Gramma Tess) mentioned that he visits sometimes inthe spring on his way to the grizzlies near Stewart. Hope to join him this summer!

  5. Good Morning and thank you so much for your wonderful site and for all the information about the Spirit Bear!

    I love this creature deep from the heart and enjoy watching your videos, happy that last year I was so lucky to see Spirit Bear in the wild while I was on a trip with the Ocean Light II. But there is one thing that shocked me today: On the right side of the page is written: “Please support our sponsors” and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I had to read these words “Trophy Grizzly Hunts Quality hunts in BC for Grizzly Bear and Black Bear” underneath!!! This is so terrible and has nothing to do with this loving information on your website. How can an organisation that offers trophy hunts for grizzly and black bear appear on your Spirit Bear Homepage? I learned that about 80% of the citizens of BC don’t want this anymore and that many campaigns started to stop this disgusting but still ungoing trophy hunting. And as you know, every Black Bear in this area carries the genes of our beloved Spirit Bears… I would be very happy if this horrible advertisement would disappear soon!

    Thank you so much for all that you do for the Spirit Bear,
    blessings and many good wishes for you from Germany,


  6. Thank you Danielle-Sofie,
    I share your concern, those ads are horrid. I’ve been working on filtering those trophy ads, as they come up, by google has a way of slipping them back in. Seems most of the Wildlife sites have to deal with this issue. Since the ads change constantly, and I don’t always see the bad ones, it would be helpful if you emailed me the URL (web address) that you see in the ad, and I’ll add it to the filter, thanks so much for your concern.

  7. I am a 7th grader and my class and my whole team (A group of 100-125 kids) fell in love with Appolo! My teacher would pull up the web page during class and everyone would giggle and smile. In class, we read the book “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikalson and we loved it. Ever since we have been fancinated with the Spirt Bear.

    I just wanted to thank you for posting these viedeos and letting the rest of the world experince the Spirit bear and the CUTE Apollo.

    We are looking forward to see Appolo in the summer and the future videos to be posted.

    Thank you(:

  8. You’re so welcome Karly! It brings us great joy to know you’re all enjoying Apollo. I’m looking forward to seeing those “Follow Apollo Club” T-shirts!

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