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“White Spirit Bear”
by Gramma Tess








This book tells the story of the unusual and beautiful creatures that inhabit ancient rainforests on the northwest coast of British Columbia. Seldom interacting with humans, these rare white black bears have lived peacefully for centuries in the pristine environment of Princess Royal Island and the surrounding mainland. Readers will discover where the bears live, what they eat, how they behave and why they are white. Known as the bears’ goodwill ambassador, author Grandma Tess also discusses the importance of preserving the bears’ habitat. Through her messages of ‘caring and sharing’, readers realize the importance of learning to live in harmony with all the creatures of the earth.
The author introduces the Spirit Bears through stunning photographs and informative topics. The book appeals to different reading levels so that children can read along, read aloud or read alone. There is simple text for beginners and there is fuller, complementary text for more experienced readers. Though it is written for young people, the subject is one that concerns everyone. This book is sure to be treasured by the entire family.

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