Apr 032014

BCspiritbear.com wakes up!

Apollo, the not so hubernating Spirit Bear, Kermode Bear

Happy Easter from Apollo

BCspiritbear.com has been in hibernation, much like Apollo, the hibernating Spirit Bear, waking up in time for Easter.

We’ve been busy with other projects for the last four years, since we Live Streamed “Apollo, the Hibernating Spirit Bear” from his winter den during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Now we’re pulling out the stops and digging into our vast collection of Live Stream archives to bring you many videos of Apollo and other Kermode Bears that live along the beautiful Nisga’a Highway 113.

Watch for continually added White Bear videos on http://bcspiritbear.com/spirit-bear-videos/

Check out our new Great Bear Rainforest page!

We’ll also be setting up an educational page for University/School researchers, providing hundreds of hours of exclusive footage of the only Hibernating Spirit Bear in the world! I will create another post as soon as it’s up.



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